Our Process

How it's made! 

Watch this 2-minute video showing the process behind each carving. From mapmaking to selecting wood, glue-ups and drill-downs, branding, sanding, epoxy pours, packaging, and more, you will see our process from start to finish!

Local lumber source A. Johnson in Bristol, Vermont

Sourced in Vermont

Selecting our wood

We source our lumber from Bristol, Vermont, bringing the finest pieces to our shop for preparation.

We source our lumber in Bristol, Vermont, bringing the finest pieces back to our shop for cleaning and carving.

CNC router carving wood art in a workshop

Maps & Machines

Carving your model

Using our custom mapping tools, we carve trails, lakes, buildings, and roads from high-quality elevation data.

We source our lumber in Bristol, Vermont, bringing the finest pieces back to our shop for cleaning and carving.

sanding handcrafted wooden art

Intricate design

Hand finishing

We hand-finish each of our pieces with sandpaper and linseed oil, ensuring precise topographic detail.

Mount Desert Island wood carved gift at Acadia National Park, Maine

Share your story

Connecting to place

Take your piece home or on your next adventure, helping to connect you with the landscape in a unique way.

Our Team

Jacob Freedman

Jacob Freedman of Treeline Terrains, Mapmaking and Project Development Specialist

Mapmaking &

Project Development

Jacob studied Geography and Environmental Studies, helping him develop our mapmaking tools. He designs our elevation data files in GIS, identifying trails, buildings, and water features to emphasize in our models. Jacob also leads our partnerships with community organizations to create carvings for educational purposes.

Nathaniel Klein

Nathaniel Klein of Treeline Terrains, Carpentry and Machining Specialist

Carpentry & Machining

Nathaniel's extensive carpentry skills range from authentic handmade Japanese-style canoes to high-tech CNC routers. Nathaniel runs our woodshop, laminating sustainably harvested woods, operating our CNC router, and framing finished products. 

Alex Gemme

Alex Gemme of Treeline Terrainns, Technology and Sales Specialist

Technology & Sales

Alex oversees our office, developing our website and managing our marketing strategy. He's an expert in publicizing our products and synthesizing sales. Alex also fixes our machinery and packages every order with love

we deeply appreciate the land we live on, play on, and explore.
we hope to connect 
you with the landscapes you love. 

Our Story

Skiers at heart

We began as ski and snowboard instructors at Middlebury College's Snow Bowl, where we started a scholarship fund so college students on financial aid could learn to ski, for free. 


To thank our ski bosses for helping to establish the scholarship, we gifted them a model of the mountain they love. Our prototype, shown below, pioneered our technique of layering different colored woods to depict snow-capped peaks. 

Alex Gemme and Jacob Freedman teach ski lessons at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl
4-layer wood carved art model of Worth Mountain at the Snow Bowl in Hancock, Vermont

Innovators from the start

We continued giving our carvings away as gifts, constantly receiving feedback to "start selling these models!" A breakthrough discovery in mapping allowed us to incorporate ski and hiking trails into our mountains, making our work unique on a global scale. 


After years of gift-giving and mapmaking innovations, we founded Treeline Terrains L.L.C. in our home state of Vermont.

Pioneers of art

Business grew, and so did our abilities. We expanded from ski mountains to include cribbage boards, golf courses, and water landscapes. We developed a method for carving buildings onto maps and began offering customized framing and engraving. 


Our workshop expanded from Grandpa's garage to a professional woodshop. Today, we live and work together in Vermont, continuing the friendships that began as ski instructors many years ago.

Pouring blue epoxy resin on a lake model of Lake Champlain