Your favorite Vermont ski mountains, now in your hands! The Vermont Collection brings the best skiing in the East to life in stunninng, three-dimensional detail. Each mountain is topographically accurate, meaning each contour and inch of elevation is exactly as you'd see during a day on the mountain. Made with two layers of locally-sourced lumber from Bristol, VT, with the most up-to-date trails carved onto the mountainside, our models are sure to be a conversation starter on your table, desk, or mantle, and make for an unique and memorable gift for lovers of the outdoors.


Dimensions: Approx. 5" x 7" x 2" (Small) or 10" x 12" x 3" (Large), will slightly vary for each specific mountain

Wood: Maple and Cherry, sourced from A. Johnson Lumber in Bristol, VT

The Vermont Collection

  • Each mountain is made with beautifully laminated hardwoods, carved with a CNC router, and hand-sanded and finished with linseed oil for long-term protection. 

  • Ski and hiking trails are carved in using the highest resolution data available, creating an unmatched detail within each piece. All elevation and trail data is sourced from the USGS 3DEP program and OSM Outdoors dataset, with lakes and water features found within the NHD dataset.

  • Due to the unique qualities of the wood used for each model, sizes listed are approximate. Every piece is made to order, and we bring our artistic strengths together to ensure that your model is designed to perfection.

  • The photos shown above are constantly being updated to reflect the actual dimensions of the pieces in the Vermont Collection. Each of the images above is made with three layers of wood, and these pieces can be purchased through our website. For this limited-time offer, models in Vermont Collection contain two layers of wood and are made using the exact vertical dimensions of the physical landscape.